How to Pick the Right Carpet Cleaner

Date: 23/11/15



When you choose the most trusted and the right carpet cleaner, you need to take it one step at a time. This is because you want to get the best service possible for your money. Never worry as you are not the only person to ever experience this. It matters paying attention to some important things that help you end up with the best carpet cleaning company.


Here are some of the essential factors to consider in picking a cleaning company or carpet cleaner:


Many people think that it is just easy for anyone to do carpet cleaning. They do not realise that setting it up requires formal training. When you hire a cleaning company, you need to consider one that has gone through formal training. The team should also be evaluated and assessed in doing the cleaning tasks like upholstery, curtains and carpets.

The team must also have passed the NCCA training. Also, evaluate the company including its latest developments in the cleaning industry.



Cleaning and Equipment Solutions They Use

The company you need to choose should make use of the best cleaning and equipment solutions. Even the right method must be incorporated for the best service possible. You wouldn’t like the carpet dirtier than before!

The solutions must be environmentally friendly and must remove all dirt, grit and threatening pollutants. This must not also leave any dirt-attracting or sticky residue. Learn more if they offer you with eco-friendly and green cleaning programs.



Various Cleaning Applications for Various Situations

If your upholstery or carpet needs a deep clean, that would the first procedure to take place. It may not have been cleaned for a long time. Thus, you want to freshen it up and only the safest cleaning equipments will help in regard with this matter. Ask the company about the various cleaning methods used.

The best cleaning system must be presented in leaving the carpets stain blocked, deodorised and cleaned. Your carpet will surely be cleaned after thirty minutes. Also, ask them about how efficient the system is in getting out stains and spots.



Genuine Testimonials

Are there genuine testimonials received by the company? You may talk to those previous customers and discover their testimonies as well. You might be surprised with real testimonials you get from previous customers.



Work that is Fully Guaranteed

Look for a company that guarantees you with complete work or a package. In the event that you are not satisfied, the company should still offer you a free re-clean to help the situation. A money back guarantee also brings along a sense of relief if work is not completed to a degree.



Insured from Accidental Damage

The team of carpet cleaners will come into your home careful from the beginning of doing the task until the end. However, consider asking them if they have got insurance.

How to pick the right carpet cleaner is made easy for you. Just consider the following things mentioned above. You will be guided in ending up negotiating with a reputable and experienced carpet cleaner! You can be confident that your furnishings and carpets are in good hands!


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Date: 18/9/15


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Why Carpet? The Benefits for Your Home and Office

Date: 16/9/15


images  images2


Recognised for its insulation properties, warmth, flexibility and safety, carpet is one of the most popular flooring options today. Its softness is perhaps its main selling point, but there are other reasons why you should choose carpet for your home and office.









Choices for Carpet Flooring

There are several options available to those who want to decorate their home and office with carpet flooring. You can choose to lay carpet runners in different areas of the room or go for fully fitted carpets. It is also possible to place one large carpet in the middle of the room. You can design your office or home in any way you want. Creatively using carpets can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.

Carpet flooring can also be used in hallways and on staircases. You can choose to have your hallway or stairway fully covered with carpet or you can leave the areas at the sides uncovered so that the floor surface underneath would still be seen. Striped carpets are ideal for hallways. If you want to show off you’re flooring, but don’t want to damage its main walking area, covering it with carpets is a great choice.




7 Of The Best Carpets To Use For Your Home

Date: 9/9/15


Choosing a carpet to use inside your home is necessary process. These days, there are many kinds of carpets that you could choose from. However, you need to choose the carpet depending on its location inside the house. For instance, if you are going to put a carpet inside an adult’s bedroom, it has to be more comfortable and softer. If you are using a carpet for the kid’s room, you can use a carpet with a texture that easily removes dirt and stains. In choosing the best carpet for your home, you also need to take your lifestyle into consideration.


Here are 7 of the best carpets.









If you want your home to have the most comfortable look and feel, you need to choose the perfect style of carpet for your home. There are so many kinds of carpets to choose from, so do your research and know the one that best suits your home design and your lifestyle.


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Top 9 Ways to Clean Carpet

Date: 5/8/15


Carpets add up to the beauty and appeal of most homes. However, there are problems that may occur from carpeting. Certain microorganisms may build up like mildew, dust mites and mould. Apart from it, carpets use to be a reservoir of lead dust, lawn chemicals and more.


Here are the top ten ways that you need to follow in cleaning your carpet:



1. Encourage all of the family members regarding the use of their shoes.

One of the simplest ways of cleaning your carpet is by encouraging your family about the use of their shoes. Remember that dirt, pollutants and pesticides are trapped by the shoes. They must be responsible enough to wear house shoes, socks and slippers.



2. Clean up the spills to further prevent stains.

You need to act quickly on spills to further prevent stains. You also need to cover them up with light-coloured or clean white towels. Better make use of paper towels and scrape off that sticky substance off the carpet with a spoon or spatula.



3. Clean Stains Using ½ Tsp. Mild Liquid Soap and 1 Cup of Warm Water

You can clean stains completely with the use of one-half teaspoon mild liquid soap and one cup of warm water. Apply only a small amount and press it with the use of a clean towel. Just repeat the process until you have removed the stain.

Be more patient in removing it. Then, rinse it with the best solution of mixed white vinegar. Blot it again using a clean towel.



4. Vacuum Twice in a Week

Take note that vacuuming helps in reducing the presence of dust mites that can trigger allergy attacks and asthma. You would also realise that this helps get rid of the dirt before it gets in the ground. Make use of a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes, HEPA filter and strong suction. This way, the dust is not blown back. Clean the spots several times to be able to get all the dust and dirt off the carpet.



5. Make use of the Household Ingredients.

It is wise for you to make use of the household ingredients in cleaning the carpet stains. Apart from that, make use of a club soda that removes the stains brought by red wine. Ice cubes also help harden candle wax and gum. Scrape them off completely. You may also put on greasy stains along with the corn starch, corn meal and baking soda. Let it stand overnight or even for six hours. Vacuum it completely.

You need to mix the vinegar with a warm water to clean the stain. Blot it using a clean towel. Continue to repeat the process.



6. Try Using a Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol

For that hidden spot, make use of a hydrogen peroxide or a rubbing alcohol. Apply only a small amount and blot it with a white and clean towel. Repeat the process until it is completely gone.



7. Make use of Baking Soda to Completely Remove the Odour

Fresheners and carpet deodorisers are proven to be effective in removing odour coming from the carpets. You just need to sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet for fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, the next step is to vacuum it completely.



8. Steam the carpet with the use of Plain Water

With the use of a hot water, the dirt will be removed completely. Just add vinegar for better and stronger solution. This is even the most effective way of removing shampoo residues. Ventilate it and speed the drying time to prevent the growth of mould. While you’re doing this, keep all of the windows inside open.



9. Contact our Carpet Cleaning Companies

It is best to contact our carpet cleaners for the best possible professional advice. They will be more than willing to talk about any stain or job you might have. Contact them here.








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